A weekend of creative scientific invention, building new tools that apply machine learning to the subsurface. 


A scientific hackathon is an event in which domain experts and programmers collaborate intensively on scientific and software projects. Because participants work in teams, and because there are so many tasks to perform in a limited time, anyone can contribute. Follow the links to read about two recent hackathons in Houston and Paris.

The events we are bringing to the UK petroleum exploration community will focus on solving subsurface problems with machine learning, and the goal will be to design and prototype new technology that solves a hard problem in our field. The two events will be held in November in Aberdeen and London. Each will span three days.

The details are still being worked out, but the events will look something like this:


Friday, 8am till 5pm: Python and machine learning bootcamp (optional)
Friday, 6pm till 9pm: Hackathon project definition.
Saturday, 8am till 6pm: Hacking!
Sunday, 8am till 3pm: Hacking!
Sunday, 3pm till 6pm: Demos, judging, and prizes.

16–18 November 2018


Join us in Aberdeen for a weekend hackathon on ideas related to machine learning. The venue for this event is the Riverside East Atrium at Robert Gordon University.

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London Olympia
23–25 November 2018


The hackathon will be the weekend before the PETEX conference. Join us in the Apex Hall at Olympia for two days of collaborative coding. 

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